March 01, 2019

Electric E-Bike throttles are great for any day! Whether you need that extra boost up a hill, a great workout companion, or simply just a cruise around the beach, an E-bike throttle is always their to help.

An electric motor is the defining feature of an e-bike. It is this feature that separates it from a conventional bicycle. The motors purpose is to propel the bike forward- ether on throttle mode, or pedal-assist mode. 

"Perfectly straddling the worlds of conventional bicycles and motorized vehicles, power-on-demand bikes are an ideal option for those who want the best of both worlds. They are very often the electric bike of choice for people who are looking for a way to ease into cycling, or who are interested in a way to control and gradually increase or decrease their level of physical exercise while riding. Power-on-demand bikes are also great for the all-around generalist, making it possible to go on a physically strenuous bike ride one day and then a quick and easy commute the next, all on a single vehicle."