Benchwheel Penny Board Electric Skateboard D1

  • The Benchwheel products are some of the most affordable electric skateboards.  This board does not compromise on key details and quality. This Benchwheel D1 electric skateboard is perfect for someone looking to incorporate an electric skateboard into their daily commute or around town adventures. Weighing only 10.5 lbs this electric skateboard will not be a burden to bring along to your friends' house, and the built-in handle will make it easy to carry around. With a quick charge time of only 1.5 hours and a range of 7 miles, you shouldn't get worried about not having enough time to re-charge your ride completely. The multilayer marble fiberglass deck will even have you forgetting you are riding on an electric skateboard. 

    Perfect for the first time electric skateboard rider or the experienced veteran.


    • Powerful Motor - A powerful 1000w motor on a compact ride ready for adventure. Wheels will ride great on paved surfaces. 
    • Low Maintenance 
    • Familiar Skateboard Feel - Benchwheel electric skateboards are designed to feel exactly like a normal skateboard, but with power! 
    • Remote Control - Wireless technology housed in a lightweight comfortable remote makes controlling your board feel completely natural. Remote also runs on a rechargeable battery, meaning no need to spend more on batteries. 
    • Carry Handle and LED - When it's time to jump on a train or ride the elevator to work just grab the handle and be on your way. Turn on the LED lights built into the battery pack for a cool underglow. 

Top Quality