Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser 500 Electric Bike

  • The new 2019 release of this popular electric bike is a Premium offering maintaining a sleek and stylish look that riders love. The LBC electric bicycle is equipped with a 48V12Ah Removable lithium-ion battery, while still maintaining its strong and efficient 500W geared rear hub motor. On this beach cruiser, you'll be sure to get an average of 30-60 miles on a single charge! If it'sthe speed you're after, we have that covered!

    These electric bicycles can reach speeds of up to 20 mph at the twist of a throttle, allowing you to get to your destination faster without breaking a sweat! Ride confidently with the upgraded 2.3" wheel and tire combo which gives riders a sturdier feel and overall control of the bicycle. Get yours today!


Top Quality