E-Wheels Electric REMO Remote Folding Scooter

Light Blue


The Remo Auto-Flex folding travel scooter by EWheels is raising the bar for what users expect from a folding mobility scooter.  This award-winning model is overflowing with luxury features that make it a must have for frequent travelers. It is the first foldable scooter with wireless remote that offers a fully electronic dashboard with touchscreen controls. The touchscreen dashboard will allow you to monitor battery life, adjust speed and LED lighting, and lock the scooter with a personal security code.  

Despite all of its modern features, the Remo is best known for its impressive performance capabilities. With a top speed of 5 mph, it is our fastest folding scooter and lasts up to 13 miles on a single charge. Remote control folding is achieved in under 10 seconds with the touch of a button, making transport of the Remo quick and painless. 

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