EBC Model C


Constructed with aircraft grade aluminum 6061 hydroformed frames. The United States is the only country that allows a throttle, thus riders are typically taller, heavier and electric bikes are often used in carrying more cargo, we chose to increase the thickness of our frames from 1.5mm to 3mm in all crucial areas.

We complete a 7 step process including painting, cleaning, base primer, 3 coats of paint, and 2 coats of clear sealant. A heat treatment gives extra strength and durability. Our premium frame is built modular and adaptable ie; integrated headset allowing our basket to be attached directly to the frame, which allows for heavier cargo and uncompromised steering, hidden neat wiring. Our premium frames come standard with an integrated rear rack allowing for sturdy, strong and safe battery attachment, in addition the rack has been designed to accommodate our surfboard rack attachment, folding solar panel option, rear cargo basket and saddlebags.

Our top quality neodymium magnets and quality copper windings ensure efficient, quiet and high performing motor functions.

With a maximum power output of 1250 watts (26 amp controller and 48 V battery) and a continuous output of 500 watts our motor has industry leading acceleration and hill climbing performance for riders up to 380lbs.

Electric Bike Company owns 50% of TURNLIFE USA an internationally renowned battery pack manufacture. This has enabled EBC and our partner Turnlife to have direct design, management and control of our battery pack performance and standards.

We use certified, tested and internationally approved Samsung, Panasonic and LG cells for safety, reliability, range and life cycle. (See the Contact page for international safety certificates and testing approvals.)

The patent-pending, internal charger with retractable cord means you never have to worry about bringing a charger with you. The built-in fan keeps the battery cool and improves performance. An external, super-charging port is included for an optional rapid charger. A smart BMS is used for safety, performance, and longevity.

We provide international battery exchange, maintenance and service due to our plug and play wiring system.

Easy plug and play wiring for ease of maintenance and replacement.

Safest Electrical braking system world wide by far. TEKTRO Dorado hydraulic disc brakes with motor disconnect and a four piston brake caliper allows for single finger braking. The 180mm rotors come with stainless steel attachment hardware, for extra safety and stopping power.

Since e-bikes are faster and used far more often than regular cruisers, with more cargo, we install motorbike grade double walled, Aluminum 2″ wide Jetset Rims.

Jetset is a premium brand with high quality and safety standards, often over-looked on E-Bikes.

Maxxis Gypsy uses a 60tpi casing and our breaker puncture protection beneath the tread. Durable yet comfortable ride with low rolling resistance and excellent traction. Maxxi tires, tubes, and inner linings are industry leading and well-respected.

Each tire is individually enhanced with puncture resistant sealant to protect the tire against holes of up to 3mm. Tires are approved by the EU’s strict regulations on e-bike safety.

For ease of replacement, service, and maintenance, we use a unique and patent pending wiring technique. If you ever have an issue with any electrical component, simply unplug it and send it to your agent and we will overnight a replacement part to you which you can plug according to the basic color coding EBC system.

Every EBC bike comes with integrated front and rear safety lights.

Premium-designed baskets can support heavy duty loads. They attach directly to our patent-pending headtube, allowing for easy handle bar operation and safety. They are available in black or silver and have integrated lighting system.

Since our bikes last a lot longer than traditional cruisers, safety and reliability throughout the life span of the bike is crucial. We have specified all our hardware and integrated bearings in our headsets and bottom brackets to be 100% stainless steel, rust resistance and corrosion free.

You cannot have a quality bike without a well-built high-quality bicycle wheel. For this reason, we build our wheels from scratch in our factory, under our strict control and management to ensure the highest quality result. We inspect, test and use the highest quality 13-gauge stainless, non-rust spokes and brass corrosion free nipples for both front and rear wheel construction. Our state-of-the-art wheel truing machine ensures perfect wheel alignment, truing and balancing.

Our seat is 300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam, and back bumpers for support and comfort. Our Grips are hand stitched with aluminum secure ends to ensure they do not slip and jam the throttle as on other E-bikes.

We prefer thumb throttles over twist throttles, as we have found twist throttle very dangerous, especially when lifting your bike over curbs and obstacles. Operators often twist the throttle in error which can cause the E-bike to shoot forward and out of control.

A multi level, compact, user friendly screen is equipped with a convenient UBS outlet for charging phones, playing music etc.

Ideal gearing for our Cruiser style riding is having a front 56T chain ring and between a 16T and 18T for the rear – we default to the 18T for medium to hilly terrain terrain (16T is for high speed peddling and very flat terrain) 

If you live in a flat terrain like Florida – please indicate in the notes section of your order that you would like a 16T cog.

Since many of our bike owners will be at the coast or leave their bikes outside, we add a stainless-steel chain to enhance the longevity of the bike as a whole.

This industry-leading seat post adds comfort and quality.

Pedal assist is the only legal option in many EU countries with no throttle allowed – so we add PAS to all our bikes.

We provide a sturdy, slip resistant yet comfortable pedal with safety reflectors on both sides and integrated bearings for longevity.

Top Quality