The X-Cursion Elite Max 36 Volt Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle combines everything you need in an electric mountain bike and adds the folding element on top of that.

This folding electric mountain bike is great for individuals with small living spaces, RV'ers, campers, college students and anyone who wants a lightweight foldable mode of reliable transportation!

Unique and practical: there aren’t that many electric mountain bikes that also fold on the market. This unique e-bike allows you to enjoy the benefits of a mountain e-bike, but also the convenience of a folding e-bike.

Easy to ride: whether you want to only use the throttle or would like to use pedal assist to get a bit of a workout, it's completely up to you. This electric bike offers pedal assist and a throttle mode so you can just kick back and enjoy the ride! The pedal assist system has 4 speed options - Zero (pedal only), Low, Medium and High. The twist throttle can be activated from the handlebar.

Powerful: the X-treme X-Cursion comes with a powerful 350 watt zero resistance gear rear hub motor (if you choose to ride without power you won't feel the resistance of the motor when pedaling). This e-bike also features a large capacity 36 Volt 10 Amp removable lightweight Lithium battery pack for longer distance riding. You can easily get 30+ miles of distance on a single charge. It only takes a maximum of 4 hours to recharge the battery pack.

Comfortable: this e-bike comes equipped with hydraulic shocks & off road tires which will allow you to ride for hours without feeling any discomfort. The 7 Speed Shimano gear system will allow you to easily switch gears to account for different terrains.

Safe: on top of the ALL Aluminium frame & wheels, the X-Cursion also comes with upgraded JAK front & rear disc brakes for increased responsiveness.

Extra features: The battery on the X-Cursion is located inside the bicycle frame and is accessible when the bike is folded in half. This allows for the seat to adjust much lower and can be comfortably ridden by a shorter rider. This new feature also allows your battery to not be seen. With this new feature your On/Off Switch as well as Battery Charging Port is located on the frame underneath a Rubber Cover Flap.

The X-Cursion Elite Max 36V also comes with an LED Panel that indicates the battery power and pedal assist levels. There is also a button to turn the headlight on. Next to the LED display, you’ll also find a button for the electrical horn.

Warranty: this electric bike comes with a 1 year warranty on all the main parts including the motor, battery, controller, throttle and PAS system.



Motor: 350 watt zero resistance hub motor - motor is in center of rear wheel.

Battery: 36V/10Ah LiPo4 Lithium battery in a sealed removable pack that is hidden inside the e-bike's frame.

Range: 30+ miles.

Recharging Time: 4 hours.

Charger: 36V smart charger included.

Power Switch: Located on the frame under the rubber cover flap along with the battery charging port.

Display: LED panel with 4 speed options - Zero (pedal only)/Low/Med/High, battery charge indicator and headlight button.

Drive System: Chain driven by rear hub motor within rear rim or pedal power.

Throttle Type: Variable speed control - twist throttle - or - pedal & power assisted (PAS) - or - turn off power & pedal only.

Frame: 100% Aluminum - very light weight - foldable.

Folding: Yes - you can easily unlock and fold the e-bike in half for transporting.

Tires: Kenda 26 x 1.95 inch on Aluminum wheels.

Brakes: Front/Rear: Front & rear JAK disk brakes.

Suspension: front and rear hydraulic suspension.

Derailleur: 7 Speed Shimano Tourney® Gears & Shifter.

Cargo Rack: included.

Weight (with battery): 57 lbs.

Forks: SA Suntour® XCT front fork.

Head Light: Headlight Included. Can be activated from the LED display.

Load Capacity: 350 lbs.

Bicycle Measurements: 
Seat Height 36 - 40 inches
Handlebar Height 40 inches
Handlebar Width 26 inches
Bicycle Length 70 inches